A look back on 2020 — the year of Resilience

Below is the AI created transcript from the video at the bottom. The transcript is not perfect but it supplemented the video.

This is the time of year where I usually do my blog post to talk about the year…

Inclusion benefits us all

Today is International Day of People with Disabilities, and today is the perfect time to celebrate how far the journey has come. From physical access and accessibility to the even bigger challenges we now face — which is the inclusion of People with Disabilities in all…

Being Remembered – a look back on an amazing father

I heard once that you start dying the second after you are born. My dad passed away over 24 years ago. I cannot go a single day without thinking of him. He was a great man. I regret that I…

Who is building ramps for black people?

I sit with a loss of words. I see what’s happening on the news, what happened to George Floyd and to see all the injustice in the world that are still faced by black people.

I look at other diversities such as myself…

Having a seat at the table does not guarantee I will eat what is served.

II look back on how far we have come as a society in making things accessible for people with disabilities. Yet, how far behind we are in inclusive user and customer experience. Just because I ‘can’ use your product or service, it does not mean I ‘want’ too.

In 1971…

Dave Dame

I have Cerebral Palsy…But it doesn't have me! Passionate about leadership agility to lead modern organizations in continual change.

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